Monday, 26 January 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, whether you love it or hate it is coming our way soon, and there's a bonus this year - it lands on a Saturday, so you'll be able to spend the whole day with your Valentine doing something fun.

Here are some inexpensive ideas of what you could do this Valentine's Day:
Valentine's - Homemade chocolate with personalised detailing Home made valentines bunting Valentine's - Heart shaped sandwiches
  • Go for a walk - there's nothing better than a walk in the countryside, just the two of you. You could even make a day of it and take a picnic, or take an evening stroll and watch the sun go down over the horizon.
  • Go stargazing - either with a telescope if you have one or simply wrap up warm and head to where there is very little light pollution, you never know, you might see a shooting star.
  • Put together your own bouquet of flowers - bouquets of flowers can be expensive around valentine's day, so you could make your own bouquet by picking flowers from the garden and wrapping them with ribbon, or you could buy single stem flowers from the florist and make your own bunch. Roses are the most expensive Valentine's flower so you could always go for a bunch of colourful gerberas.
  • Bake brownies or cookies - don't spend a lot on expensive chocolates, make something personal. Bake cookies or brownies and personalise your baking or the box with a romantic inscription that expresses your feelings for the person you’re giving them to. Now that is sweet.. Get the kids involved too, they'll love to do something like this if they have a valentine they'd like to give a gift to.
  • Make breakfast or dinner and serve it romantically, either breakfast in bed, or if you're planning on making dinner why not serve it at the table for a change with candles, or low lighting and don't forget dessert of course.
  • Do something that your valentine enjoys but you never want to do, they'll love you for it - playing computer games with them for a change, gardening, going to see a play, whatever it is, you could do it.
  • Make a mix CD of all yours and theirs favourite songs, songs that have a special meaning for both of you.
  • Make a photo album with pictures of either the most significant things you've done together or places you've been together in the past year, or even one of the whole time you've been together. You could get a photo album that has the notes section at the side so you can annotate each picture.
  • Arrange to go to a dance class together, a single lesson of latin or salsa shouldn't be too costly, and will make a great Valentine memory.
  • Fill the house with candles and add a romantic feel to the house.
  • Make something as a gift, whether it's a handmade card, a bling ring made out of pipe cleaners or a handmade, home made version of something they'd love. 
  • Draw, paint or print some of the favourite things you like to do together and frame it.
  • Get the scrabble box out of the loft and use the letters to write out a valentines message, either use as a valentines card, or frame it so it can be put on display. 

Valentines Facts

Did you know....
  • 1 billion Valentine cards are sent each year all over the world.
  • 50 million roses are given on Valentiness Day each year.
  • In america 9 million people buy Valentine's gifts for their pets
  • More than 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's day.
  • 73% of flowers are bought by men, 27% by women.
  • 15% of women like sending themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.
  • Each year in Britain we spend about £503m on cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts on Valentine's Day.

Let A Little Bird Tell You What Your Romantic Future Holds

According to the ancient art of Ornithomancy (which is 'the reading of omens from the actions of birds' to me and you), the first bird an unmarried woman see's on Valentine's Day is an omen of the type of man she will marry.

Who's your lovebird? The ornithomancist's guide
  • Blackbird: he'll be involved in charitable or spiritual work  - an aid worker of vicar
  • Dove: your marriage to him will be happy and loving
  • Robin: he earns his living through water  - a naval officer or fisherman
  • Sparrow: he works with the land  - a farmer or tree surgeon
  • Blue bird: he likes to make others smile  - a comedian
  • Woodpecker: no marriage will take place
  • Duck: your relationship with him will be homely and stable
  • Gull: he travels a great deal for work
  • Birds of prey: he is a businessman, politician or leader
  • Goldfinch: he is a person of means
  • Kingfisher: he has already done well or inherited money
  • Pigeon: he will eventually return to the place where he grew up

So if you're looking for romance it might be best to stay away from woodland walks this Valentine's Day and maybe head to the river where you might catch site of a Kingfisher or a duck.

Valentines Gift Ideas

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