Friday, 30 October 2015

Winter Boots

The leaves are falling off the trees, the clocks have already gone back, it's rained for a week non-stop, these are all signs that Autumn is well and truly here, and that winter is just around the corner. But don't be sad, this is the perfect excuse to say goodbye to your summer footwear, and say hello to a new pair of boots!

Knee Boots

Knee Boots

Knee high boots, and over knee boots are fabulous for so many reasons; they're super stylish, and can be worn with both skinny jeans/trousers, and also with skirts and dresses. They keep you warm as it's an extra layer of material on your legs, and if you get leather or faux leather boots, when it's raining, less of your legs will get wet.

Ankle Boots

Ankle BootsAnkle Boots

Ankle Boots are a great boot for autumn as they are the ultimate transitional Footwear, whether you're looking for heeled ankle boots, biker style, flat boots, or boots with embellishment's such as zips or tazzles you're in for a treat, we've got a great range at ace, with prices from only £12.99

Ugg Boots

Uggs are loved by so many and are sure to keep you warm and snug all winter (and summer) long. They're available for only £139.99 and in a choice of 3 fab colours. We also have a range of Emu Boots and Skechers boots too, that look snug and warm too. Emu Boots are priced from only £99.99 and Skechers boots are priced from only £29.99.

Whatever your style or budget we're sure to have a style to suit! Shop our Boots Collection today.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Fun Ideas For October Half Term

There's nothing worse than having one of those 'don't know what to do' October half term days, or hearing the kids on day two of the holiday saying "Muuuuummmmmmm, i'm bored!" So if your looking for some fun ideas for October Half Term? We have some great ideas for things to make, see and do!

1 - Baking
Why not get the kids interested in baking by letting them make their own pies, cakes or even salt dough decorations that they could decorate and keep. They could make autumnal shaped ones in the shape of leaves or conkers, or even get a head start on Christmas with snowmen, Christmas tree, star and bell shaped ones. They can then decorate to their hearts content!

2 - Board Games
minions monopolyfrozen operationminions operation
Something that children rarely get bored of playing with. From classics such as Monopoly and Operation to new favourites such as pie face. Board games can provide you and the kids with hours of fun.

3 - Dress Up
action dress upfantasy dress up
Kids love dressing up, whether its in an actual dressing up outfit or mix and matching characters or even making their own, and with Halloween coming up during half term as well, dressing up is likely to be at the top of most kids things to do list!

4 - Art and Craft
Disney Princess Rolling Art DeskMinions Rolling Art DeskSpirograph
If October half term week ends up being a wet and windy week there is still plenty you can still do to keep the kids entertained, from simple potato printing for the little kids to full on masterpieces for the older kids. Kids can get involved in making Halloween masks, or painting autumn leaves they've collected. And with Christmas just around the corner this is the perfect time to start making cards and gifts.

5 - Play-Doh
Doh Vinci Anywhere Art AcePlay-Doh Crazy Cuts
There is so much fun that can be had with Play-Doh, whether it's with the Play-Doh Vinci Anywhere Art Ace, Play-Doh Crazy Cuts or simply tubs and tubs of Play-Doh you can make, build, design and re-make many many shapes and patterns.

6 - Reading
Many kids have tablets and e-readers where they can play and read where ever they are, but physical books are so much fun. We've got a fab range of education, colourful, musical, personalised and character books for children. Prices start from only £3.99.

7 - Outdoor Ideas
Instant Flower Press
Autumn is a really special time to be outdoors, there is so much to captivate children on walks and trips to the park, from simply kicking fallen leaves to collecting some of their favourite leaves and flowers to take home and press or paint. Collecting conkers is also a great autumn activity, see how many you can collect and take them home to ready them for your own personal conker championship!

8 - Learn a New Skill
Hello Kitty Sock KittyKnitted AnimalsHello Kitty Decorate Your Own Purse Kit
If time is on your side at half term why not teach the kids to knit or sew, it doesn't have to be an expensive skill or hobby, as sewing kits and knitting kits start from under £10, the kids will have a real sense of achievement from having made something themselves too. They could start by simply making a sock kitty, or a decorating a purse or bag, or learning to knit and making their own knitted animals.