Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Jumper Day: Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th, instead of worrying about silly superstitions, why not make the world better with a funky Christmas sweater! By wearing a bit of festive knitwear and texting WOOLY to 70050, you can donate £1 to the Save the Children charity and help save the lives of thousands of children across the globe. So whether you’re at work, school, Uni or somewhere else, make sure you show your support with a Christmas jumper.

You can purchase a jumper here

OR, if you’re feeling creative, you could make your own!

If you’d like a bit of inspiration, here are the top 5 Christmas jumpers that we’ve discovered on the web:

1. The ‘Couples’ Jumpers

2. The ‘Illuminated’ Jumper

3. The ‘I don’t understand what this is’ Jumper

4. The ‘Giant Candy Cane’ Jumper

5. The ‘Joy’ Jumper

And for further ideas, check out this ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper’ fashion show!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

18 Days of Christmas

This Christmas, forget the chocolate advent calendar and check out the 24Ace 18 Days of Christmas deals instead! Each day, from the 1st of December to the 18th of December, we will be offering 8 brand spanking new deals based on a specific theme. We won’t be telling you which themes are appearing when though, as that would ruin the surprise! So if you’re looking snap up some last minute festive bargains, then 24Studio is the only place to go.

Keep an eye on our 18 Days Of Christmas Deals

Deck out your home and garden for less!

Christmas Decorations

Cards & Wrap
Prepare beautifully presented gifts for friends and family members

Cards & Wrap

Personalised Gifts
Give someone special a truly unique gift this Christmas

Personalised Gifts

Sweets & Treats
Ideal stocking fillers!

Sweets & Treats

Christmas Dining
Make sure your table looks as good as your food on Christmas day!

Christmas Dining

Under £10
Perfect Secret Santa ideas!

Under £10

Wonderful gift ideas for both men and women


Christmas Party Wear
Make sure you’re the centre of attention at every party this Christmas

Christmas Party Wear

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How To Wrap Christmas Presents

For many people, the wrapping of a gift is almost as important as the gift itself. A badly wrapped gift can show laziness and a lack of thought and effort, so it’s crucial to make sure you get the wrapping right, especially if the gift you’ve bought is rubbish! Many people (usually men) struggle wrapping presents. They try their best to get it right, but they simply don’t have the skills or know-how to make it happen! If you’re one of these people, then read on.

1. Prepare
Before you start wrapping a gift, make sure you have all the correct tools to hand. Your essential items are paper, tape and scissors. Ribbon and gift tags are of course optional, but we’d recommend using them to make your gift look extra special. It’s also important to make sure you have a clear, flat workspace too. A table top is ideal. Don’t start wrapping presents in the middle of a messy floor! And it never hurts to stick a few Christmas tunes on too. They’ll stop you from getting stressed out!


2. Measure
Gifts are easier to wrap when they’re inside a square or rectangular box. If your gift is an unusual shape, then you may want to consider placing it in a gift box or plain cardboard box before wrapping. However, this isn’t essential.

Firstly, lay out a large sheet of wrapping paper on the table and place your gift on the centre of it. Bring the paper around both sides of the gift so the edges of the paper overlap when you pull them together. Try to use as little paper as possible, as this will making the wrapping look tight and crisp. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of paper, make a mark on one side of the paper in pencil, and cut vertically along this line.

3. Wrap
Take your new sheet of wrapping paper and lay it out flat on the table. Place the gift on it and bring the paper over on both sides so it fits tightly to the gift and overlaps. Use some of your tape to hold the paper in place.

The next step is to fold in the corners. To do this, take the excess paper at each corner and fold it in like a triangle. Then take this triangle and bring it over the top of the gift as far as it will go, then tape it down to hold it in place.

Wrapping Paper

4. Tape It
Now the paper is secured to the gift, you need to make sure that it won’t come lose. To do this, add extra tape to the areas where the paper overlaps. Do this neatly and don’t use too much tape, otherwise the wrapping will start to look messy.


5. Accessorise!
Now you get to add the finishing touches to your gift! Adding a ribbon is a simple, but effective way of making your gift stand out from the rest. Tying a ribbon is easy. Simply put the ribbon underneath the parcel and then pull it over the top until the two ends meet. Then twist the ends around each other and tie in a loose rosette or knot.

It’s also a good idea at this point to stick a couple of bows to your gift. These are incredibly cheap to buy and usually have a self-adhesive bottom, so you don’t have to use glue or tape.

Finally, finish off your wrapping with a gift tag containing a heartfelt message. You may also want to run your fingers along each edge of the gift to make it look crisper.

Ribbon and Bows

If you need a bit of extra help, then take a look at this helpful video:

Find our more about Christmas shopping with 24ace:

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Movember Blog

It’s almost that time again…the time of the year when men all over the globe unite to grow facial fur in support of their favourite charities. And what better way to celebrate than by dedicating an entire blog to the cause! So, whether you’re a Movember rookie or a seasoned moustachio aficionado, read on for some brilliant products and tips to help you grow the perfect mo’ this November.

The Gentleman’s Guide To Beard And Moustache Management

The Gentleman’s Guide To Beard And Moustache Management
Some men choose to grow wild, untamed ‘taches, while others prefer to style theirs to casual perfection. There are tonnes of moustache styles out there, from the handlebar and the horseshoe to the Super Mario and the Salvador Dali. Whichever style you prefer, this handy book is full of tips to help you create an unforgettable look that’s sure to turn heads!

The Gentleman's Guide To Beard And Moustache Management Only £6.99

Grow Your Own Mo!

Grow Your Own Mo!
Who said that only men can take part in Movember? With Grow Your Own Mo, women can get involved too! Simply place your chosen style of moustache in water and watch it grow to up to 6 times its original size. They’re perfect for guys who struggle to grow a full moustache too!

Grow Your Own Mo! Only £4.99

Babyliss for Men 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit

Babyliss for Men 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Ki
So you’ve chosen your favourite moustache, now it’s time to get the tools to create the style! Not only does the Babyliss 8-in-1 groomer allow you to trim your moustache to the ideal length, but it also lets you get rid of your beard to give prominence to your moustache. Plus, you can use the kit on your body too, giving you a product that can be used throughout the year, not just in November.

Babyliss for Men 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit Only £17.99

Emergency Moustaches

Emergency Moustaches
Can’t grow a moustache? Or don’t have the patience to grow one? Don’t worry, as this convenient pack of emergency moustaches are here to help you out! Simply choose your favourite style and stick it to your upper lip whenever the situation calls for a moustache.

Emergency Moustaches Only £4.99

Moustache Necklace

Moustache Necklace
This is one for all the ladies who want to get involved with Movember. Obviously you can’t grow a moustache, so why not show your appreciation for the cause with a moustache necklace? At just £11.99, they’re an absolute bargain!

…and for those of you that are still unsure which style of moustache to go for, why not check out this handy facial hair chart!

Facial Hair Types

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Top 10 Personalised Christmas Ideas!

Most of the things we buy at Christmas either get thrown away immediately after use, or left to collect dust in the attic for half a century. But personalising a Christmas product gives it a special and unique value that makes us want to cherish, display or re-use it for years to come.

At Ace, we offer a stunning selection of personalised Christmas products, from Santa letter and cards to beer sets and baubles. And remember, our personalisation service is completely free!

List below are ten of the best personalised Christmas ideas, designed to make your Christmas 2013 the most magical yet.

Personalised Father Christmas Letter - £4.99

Imagine the look on your child’s face as they open their very own letter from Santa! To send a personalised letter is easy, just follow the instructions on our website. Make sure you order before December 12th to get the letter in time for Christmas!

Personalised Christmas Cards - £1.49

Choose your own verse and create 2 lines of sentimental festive text with our range of personalised Christmas cards. At just £1.49, they’re a bargain compared to most cards you find on the high street.

Personalised Santa Stop Here Sign - £5.99

If your kids are having doubts about whether Santa is going to stop at your house or not, then put up a personalised ‘Santa Stop Here’ to put their minds at ease!

Personalised Beer Set - £29.99

Not only does the receiver of this wonderful gift get a shiny new glass with a message on it, but they get a bottle of beer too! What could be more satisfying? Even the beer label can be personalised with a sentimental message. Presented in a beautiful silk box, it makes a wonderful gift for beer lovers.

Personalised Baby’s First Xmas Bauble - £3.99

One thing that many of us seem to cherish the most at Christmas time is our first bauble. They’re symbolic of our childhood and bring back a lot of happy memories. At Ace, our Baby’s First Xmas Baubles can be personalised with a name and a date, giving them even greater sentimental value.

Personalised Hanging Decorations - £4.99 for 2, £2.99 for 1

The perfect addition to your tree this Christmas! There’s a decoration to represent every member of the family, each with the corresponding name on the woolly hat. Best of all, you can purchase 2 decorations for just £4.99!

Personalised Jumbo Personalised Stocking - £9.99

Imagine the look on your child’s face as they run downstairs on Christmas morning and see their name on huge stocking sent directly from Santa! When you buy the jumbo personalised stocking, we’ll send you a mini reindeer stocking too, completely free of charge.

Personalised Jumbo Fabric Advent Calendar - £9.99

Why buy a generic advent calendar every year when you can get yourself a personalised advent calendar from Ace that will last for years to come!? You aren’t restricted to filling the pouches with chocolate either. Stick anything in them; sweets, toys, pranks, anything.

Personalised Elf Stocking - £4.99

Perfect for hanging off the edge of the bed or the mantelpiece, these colourful personalised stockings can be filled with small presents and treats for an extra surprise on Christmas morning.

Personalised Santa Apron - £9.99

It’s hard not to feel festive when wearing a personalised Santa apron. Featuring a red and black buckle and gloves design, it’s the perfect thing to wear when preparing the Christmas dinner.

Shop the entire Christmas 2013 range at

Find our more about online shopping with Ace: Personalised Gifts | Christmas | Wedding | Competitions

Monday, 7 October 2013

Personalised Father Christmas Letters Only £4.99 At

Personalised Father Christmas Letter

Picture the scene: It’s the week before Christmas and the morning post arrives with a personalised letter from Santa to your child!

Imagine their face as they open their very own letter from Santa!

To send a surprise personalised letter is easy! Simply place your order now and you will receive an email from Father Christmas Letters within 7 working days with a link to personalise your letter(s). Personalise it with your child’s name, address and even the name of their best friend and we’ll post a beautiful, personalised letter to your child. All this for only £4.99!

To ensure you receive your letter in time for Christmas, please order your letter no later than Thursday the 12th December and personalise by Sunday the 15th December.

If your total order only contains Father Christmas Letters your delivery will be free.

Shop now for Christmas and spread the cost of your shopping!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Christmas Living: Top Gifts For Kids!

If you’ve had a chance to look through the new edition of Christmas Living, be it in paper or digital form, you’ll know just what an incredible range of products we’ve put together for the colder months. There’s something for every need, every taste, and every age!

Maybe you’re looking to spruce up your home for winter? If so, then check out our fantastic choice of homeware. If you’re searching for a new selection of festive decorations, then take a look at our magical range of Christmas products. And for those of you struggling to find the perfect Christmas gifts for the people close to you, then don’t worry, as this year’s Christmas Living contains a mammoth choice of incredible gifts for all ages!

As we all know, children can be the most difficult people to buy for. Trends and fashion are always changing, and technology moves at such an alarming rate that it’s difficult to work out what’s up-to-date and what simply isn’t. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a selection of the most sought after gifts from this year’s Christmas Living catalogue.

InnoTab 3S

InnoTab 3S The number 1 tablet for kids! Building on the success of the hugely popular InnoTab 3, the InnoTab 3S takes interactive learning to the next level. New features include Wi-Fi, a larger 5” screen, 4GB of internal memory and a rechargeable battery pack.

Price: £89.99

Streetfox Go-Karts

Streetfox Go-Karts Go-karts have been a firm favourite with kids for years and years. They never go out of fashion and always provide a thrill! There aren’t many gifts that would put a bigger smile on a child’s face on Christmas morning than a go-kart.

Price: £59.99

Doc McStuffins Check-Up Centre

Doc McStuffins Check-Up Centre With this fabulous check-up centre, little girls can be just like Doc McStuffins! The set comes with figures, a play phone, scales, and lots of other fun extras that a doctor might need!

Price: £79.99

Furby Boom

Furby Boom With twice as many responses as the previous Furby, the Furby Boom is the most intelligent toy on the market! Not only can Furby Boom remember his own name, but he’ll remember the names of other Furby Booms that he meets too. Plus, with the Furby Boom app, you can feed him virtual food, give him check-ups, shower him and more! And remember, how your treat your Furby Boom will shape his personality, so be sure to treat him nicely.

Price: £59.99

LeapPad Ultra

LeapPad UltraFeaturing a 7” screen, the LeapPad Ultra offers one of the largest, most interactive screens of any kids’ tablet. Not only are the built-in apps incredibly fun, but they’re highly educational too! Kids can even access child-friendly websites through the built-in Wi-Fi feature, giving them their first taste of the World Wide Web.

Price: £119.99

One Direction Merchandise

One Direction Merchandise Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that One Direction have been a revelation that teenage girls simply can’t get enough of. At Ace, we stock a huge range of One Direction products, including personalised towels, blankets, beanbags, duvet sets, shoulder bags and much, much more.

Check out the complete One Direction Range

Shop the full Christmas Living range today and spread the cost of Christmas 2013.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Disney Infinity: Now Available at Ace!

If there’s one game that every child will be pestering their parents for this Christmas, then it’s definitely going to be Disney Infinity. Much like the hugely popular Skylanders Giants, Disney Infinity allows children to place a toy figurine on a USB base to transpose the character into the game. There are many popular characters to collect, including favourites such as Jack Sparrow, Sulley and Mr. Incredible. And collecting doesn’t stop there; children can also collect special power discs, which are slotted into the Infinity Base and offer in-game treats and surprises, such as new terrain and vehicles.

Disney Infinity Trailer

2 fantastic game modes are available on Disney Infinity: Play Set and Toy Box. Play Set offers gameplay based on a specific movie or franchise and includes recognisable stories and characters. Toy Box is a more customisable game mode that allows children to create their own game and place different characters from different movies together.

Shop the Disney Infinity range today at

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Shop For One Direction Gifts and Accessories at 24ace

Our Christmas Catalogue is packed with a whole host of fabulous One Direction Gifts & Accessories. There's something for every Directioner, so whether you're looking for something for yourself or something to give to a friend you'll be sure to find what you're looking for at 24ace.

Here are some of my favourites:

Personalised One Direction Towel
Personalised One Direction Towel

A great gift for any 1D fan! and even better it can be personalised with the name of your choice! 100% cotton personalised towel. Size 150 x 75cm (50 x 29½"). Personalisation: name up to 11 letters.
Was £19.99, Now Only £9.99

One Direction Musical Locker

One Direction Musical Locker

One Direction's fashionable locker. Store all your secrets and accessories in style. Includes stickers. Batteries included. For children 3 years and over.
Only £14.99

One Direction Christmas Message Card

One Direction Christmas Message Card

Hear a special Christmas message from the boys of One Direction. Size 22 x 15.5cm (8¾ x 6").
Only £3.99

Danilo One Direction Calendar 2014

Danilo One Direction Calendar 2014

This One Direction 2014 calendar will feature the official new images for 2014, and so the images may differ from those shown. Size 26 x 33cm (10¼ x 13").
Was £8.99, Now Only £7.99

One Direction Boyfriend Bedding
One Direction Boyfriend Bedding

One Direction Boyfriend Duvet Set From Only £19.99
One Direction Boyfriend Fleece Blanket Only £12.99
One Direction Boyfriend Square Cushion Only £9.99
One Direction Boyfriend Curtains Only £19.99
One Direction Boyfriend Beanbag Was £29.99, Now Only £24.99

One Direction Dolls

One Direction Dolls

Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall, each come with their own personally styled fashion outfits. Collect all 5 members! Colours and style may vary. Height of dolls 29cm (11½"). For children 6 years and over.
Only £16.99

One Direction Soft Secret Diary

One Direction Soft Secret Diary

A fun pillow containing a whole host of possibilities. Write and save your secrets as many times as you like and then just wash to erase them. Comes with a case plus a connector for your MP3 player. For children 3 years and over.
Only £19.99

Take a look at the whole range of One Direction Gifts & Accessories available at

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Your Back to School Checklist

Preparing your kids for the start of a new academic year is a daunting, difficult and expensive task. Every year, the list of what’s needed seems to grow, causing headaches and more financial woe. Thankfully, at Ace, we give you the option to spread the cost of your purchases, meaning you don’t have to pay anything up front!

The last thing you want is to send your child to school unprepared, so we’ve put together a checklist below containing everything your child could need for the new school year.


We’ve got a fabulous selection of uniform items in stock, from skirts and summer dresses to cardigans and trousers, all designed to make your child look ready and raring to learn.

School Uniforms
Uniform items from £1.49
Trousers, cardigans and dresses from £3.99
Regatta jackets from £19.99
Helly Hansen Jackets from £29.99


Our range of kids’ shoes and trainers are made from the highest quality materials, meaning they can withstand a great deal of bumps and scrapes and last for a longer period of the academic year.

Brands include Hello Kitty, Skechers, Pineapple, Goody 2 Shoes, Kickers and more.

Boys School Shoes
Girls School Shoes just £6.99
Boys School Shoes from £9.99
Girls Trainers from £12.99
Boys Trainers from only £12.99


A good quality, spacious bag is essential for the start of the new academic year. Your child needs somewhere to store books, stationery, food, gym clothes and more! All our messenger bags and rucksacks offer plenty of space and are built to last.

School Backpacks
Gola backpacks just £9.99
Character messenger bags from £4.99
Regatta backpack just £7.99


There’s nothing worse than having to borrow pens and pencils on the first day of a new term, so make sure your child is fully stocked up with our fantastic selection of stationery products.

Personalised Pencil Case
Personalised pencil case from £2.99
Personalised pens from £1.99
Monsters University stationery set just £6.49

Laptops and Tablets

With a lot of homework now switching from paper to digital, it’s important to make sure your child has access to some sort of computer. Here at Ace, we stock an incredible range of laptop and tablet bundles, all at amazing value.

Toshiba Laptop just £399
Polaroid tablet bundle just £99.99
Personalised 8GB USB stick just £12.99

To shop our full range of school and college essentials including the all important Personalised Iron On Labels for only £3.99 go to 24ace