Friday, 15 January 2016

Face The Cold Weather In Style

As the temperatures are starting to plummet - a dramatic statement perhaps, but nonetheless the temperature is going to drop, and as it looks like we're finally going to head into winter it's time to consider whether you have all the essential clothing and household items necessary for making winter more enjoyable.

Aztec Brushed Cosy Yarn Cardigan

This Aztec Brushed Cosy Yarn Cardigan By Be You is a great alternative to a coat or jacket and can be worn indoors without people thinking you haven't taken your coat off. You can be warm indoors and outdoors with this cosy number and the fantastic news is that it's now only £9.99. It's available in sizes 8-22.

blanket wraps, oversize scarves, ponchos and capes

We love blanket wraps, oversized scarves, ponchos and capes, they are so snug, warm and stylish. Prices are from only £6.99! A great addition to any outfit.

Sherpa Jacket By Be You

This Sherpa Jacket By Be You is one of our bestsellers this winter. I don't know about you, but just thinking about the Sherpa lining makes me feel warmer! This Jacket is priced from only £17.99 and is available in sizes 8-26.

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Be Snug As A Bug In A Rug

electric blankets, mattress toppers and thermal blankets

It's not just warm clothing you need to consider when heading into winter, preparing your home for winter is essential too. A fluffy fleece mattress topper will add an instant layer of snugness to your bed. An electric blanket will make your bed lovely and warm, even if you just pre-heat your bed prior to getting in it, and then just switch it off. Also, if you love snuggling up on the sofa in winter with a nice film this Heat Holders Snuggle Up Blanket would be a dream! It boasts a toasting 1.4 tog rating, comes in a whole host of colours and is now only £24.99.

heating range

If you suffer from draught coming under the doors in your house a draught excluder is a must. If the draughts come from the side or top of a door a self-adhesive draught excluder is the best option, and if the draught is coming from under the doors a removable draught excluder would be better. As well as ensuring you don't have draughts in your house you need to make sure that your home will be at a comfortable temperature, our heating range has a whole host of electric fires and electric heaters, which will help keep you toasty warm during the cold spells.

Friday, 8 January 2016

How To Exercise From Home

You don't need to join an expensive gym to stay in shape, there is so much affordable gym equipment out there making it easier on the pocket to exercise from home.

Weights and Small Fitness Equipment

Weights and Small Fitness Equipment Weights and Small Fitness Equipment Weights and Small Fitness Equipment

If you're looking for a gentle and relatively inexpensive introduction to exercise a great place to start is with small weights or equipment such as a skipping rope, exercise ball or a weighted hoop. These types of equipment are fairly low resistance so shouldn't put you off using them. They are easy on the pocket and small enough to put in a cupboard when not in use. Pineapple have a great range of smaller exercise equipment with prices starting from only £6.99. Pineapple also have a great range of resistance bands which are great for increasing flexibility.

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Cardio Equipment

Cardio Equipment Cardio Equipment Cardio Equipment

The cardio range covers equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines and exercise bikes. These larger pieces are a bit more of an investment than some weights, but they are the perfect choice for long term usage at home. It's always worth remembering that a lot of these larger pieces can be folded up and broken down for storage, making them much less cumbersome.

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Weight Benches and Home Gym

Weight Benches and Home Gym Weight Benches and Home Gym

The cornerstone of all strength training equipment is a weight bench. Weight benches can be used with barbells, dumbbells, power racks, smith machines or on their own. The weights bench is the core of any exercise program working out your triceps and chest at the same time. Free weight bench presses will help you increase natural body movement, unlike a bench that is attached to a multi-gym, where the movement is controlled by the machine. A weight bench or a home gym should be a consideration if you are going to focus on strength training.

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Heart Rate Monitors and Fitness Bands

Heart Rate Monitors and Fitness Bands Heart Rate Monitors and Fitness Bands Heart Rate Monitors and Fitness Bands

If your choice of exercise is jogging, running, walking or hill climbing or some other out of the house exercise, a heart rate monitor or fitness band would be the perfect item to help you track your progress and monitor your goals.

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