Monday, 4 August 2014

Yumi Girl Outfits From £16.99

Ever wondered why the brand 'Yumi Girl' is called 'Yumi Girl'? Well the word 'yumi' is of Japanese origin, is pronounced 'YOO mee' and means 'beautiful' so 'Yumi Girl' will mean 'Beautiful Girl' which we think is pretty neat really :-)

Yumi Girls is an extension of the Yumi womenswear brand, providing the younger generation with the quirky contemporary fashion that has become synonymous with the Yumi Label. The Yumi Girls range is both chic and practical for young fashionistas in-the-making. These easy to wear designs all take inspiration from bestselling pieces in the Yumi ladies collection, making this pre-teen brand both stylish and age appropriate.

We have a lovely range of Yumi Girl outfits at 24ace, designed to fit girls aged between 5 and 14, with an even wider range coming soon. Shop the whole Yumi Girl range today. Prices from only £16.99