Thursday, 29 May 2008

Michelle Ryan 'has worst US accent'

Former Eastenders actress Michelle Ryan has been handed the accolade of having the worst US accent on TV.

Ryan, 24, recently starred as Jaime Sommers in the US show Bionic Woman, which was cancelled after just one season as a result of the writers' strike.

The Radio Times poll put comedian Eddie Izzard in second place, for his performance as Wayne Malloy in The Riches.

Another ex-British soap star, Anna Friel, came in third for her turn as Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles in Pushing Daisies.

Hugh Laurie was a surprise entry at fourth, nominated for his Golden Globe-winning performance as Dr Gregory House in the hit show House.

Editor of Radio Times' website, Helen Hackworthy, said: "Just as Dick Van Dyke struggled with his English accent in Mary Poppins, so too are some Brits failing to pull off convincing American accents."

Lovejoy actor Ian McShane also featured for his role as Al Swearengen in Deadwood.

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