Thursday, 27 October 2011

Philips Balder - Do It Yourself Head Groomer - Now Only £49.99

Zero millimeter, 100% reach - Shave or trim. Perfect results without help.

  • Shave: Balder attachment for a smooth and precise shave - shave your own head easily and comfortably. The balder attachment clips on and off easily and guarantees a smooth shave without the nicks and cuts that can be caused by blades.
  • 180° rotating head for 100% reach - Makes trimming or shaving your own head easier than ever. Simply select the right angle to comfortably reach all parts of your head without help.
  • Adjustable zoom ring for easy length settings - Easily select and set your desired hair length by turning the integrated zoom ring. The length settings are clearly visible on the side of the combs.
  • Contour-following combs for speed and comfort - The 2D combs gently follow the contours of your head for a smooth, even and comfortable hair cut.
  • Skin-friendly blades and combs are gentle to the skin - Rounded edges on the blades and combs are designed to avoid scratching the skin for a more comfortable experience.
  • Quick Charge Power System: 1hr/60 minutes cordless use - The lithium-Ion battery is fully charged in 1 hour and provides constant power for up to 60 minutes cordless use.
  • Fully washable for easy cleaning - Conveniently washes under the tap for a thorough clean.
  • Soft touch grip for easy and comfortable handling - The soft touch grip provides comfort and control when using the product.
  • Includes hand-held mirror and storage pouch - The hand-held mirror provides extra visibility when trimming or shaving the back of your head. Safely keep together your product and attachments in the soft storage pouch.
  • Corded and cordless use - For flexibility and convenience the headgroom can be used with or without the power cord.
  • Battery charging, full and low indication - A light display flashes white to indicate that the battery is charging and turns constant when it is fully charged. The light flashes orange when the battery is running low.
  • Self-sharpening blades - The self-sharpening, stainless steel blades stay sharp longer and ensure top cutting performance.
  • Lubrication for life - No need for oil maintenance.
  • Trim: Range of length settings from 1 to 15mm - Cut your own hair easily and accurately, using the precision comb for lengths between 1 and 3mm or the regular comb for 3 to 15mm.
A perfectly smooth and precisely shaved head with the Philips Balder, Was £69.99, Now Only £49.99.

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