Tuesday, 23 February 2010

'Smuggler' duped by fake diamond

A would-be smuggler has reportedly been released by the authorities after the diamond he was trying to get through Germany's Frankfurt Airport was revealed to be a fake.

According to Ananova, the rock was initially believed to be worth £2.2 million but gem experts later concluded that it was common crystal worth a maximum of £18.

Customs officer Juergen Bland said: "Everyone was surprised. Especially the person who had been carrying it. He thought it was worth millions but has been released because, despite what he thought, he wasn't actually doing anything illegal.

"Our understanding is that he paid a substantial amount for the worthless trinket - we think it may have been switched after he had examined the real gem or else he didn't check properly what he was buying."

Prosecutor Doris Moeller-Scheu, who told the accused Angolan man that he was free to go, added: "Instead of losing his freedom he's lost a fortune - its like they say - crime doesn't pay."

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