Friday, 16 October 2009

School allows mobile phones in lessons

Pupils at a high school in Sheffield have been told that they will soon be able to use their mobile phones in the classroom.

According to the Daily Express, staff at the Notre Dame RC School have decided that students' progress will be benefited if they are permitted to use the various additional features of their phones in lessons.

It is thought that the school has defended its surprise move by claiming that it is no different to when calculators were first introduced in the classroom.

Assistant headteacher Paul Haigh told The Daily Telegraph: "We realise as a comprehensive state school we could never afford to buy every student all the IT and mobile devices we would like them to have.

"But most students own many of these devices anyway - they're just hidden in their schoolbags. What's more they're experts in using them, knowing all the short cuts and characteristics of their own equipment as they use it every day."

However, one angry parent is quoted as saying: "How will teachers keep tabs on what their pupils are up to on tiny screens?"

Chris Keates, general secretary of teaching union NASUWT, added: "No-one would disagree that we want technology to enhance children's learning, but there are other ways of doing it."

The new scheme is expected to come into practice later this month.

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