Friday, 30 October 2009

Daredevil flips bike over helicopter in Australia

An American daredevil backflipped a dirt bike over a hovering 40-metre helicopter in front of Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge on Wednesday in a bid to promote extreme sports

Travis Pastrana, 26, cleared the revolving chopper blades by about four metres but the 14-time X Games medallist said it was a closer call than he would have liked.

"That was a little outside of the box. I didn't know what to expect with the wash and the wind, there was a little bit of turbulence up there I wouldn't recommend it to anyone," Pastrana told national newswire AAP.

"The wind affects the bike more than the rider as the bike can take a mind of its own up there and if you lose focus then you can land short."
Pastrana's stunt was aimed at promoting the MTV extreme sports series Nitro Circus, which will be filming in all of Australia's state capital cities in May and June 2010

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