Friday, 21 August 2009

Bald penguin dressed in wetsuit

A bald penguin has been fitted with a custom-made wetsuit to protect him from the elements.

Bill Hall of Marwell Wildlife Park told the BBC that the penguin, named Ralph, needed the suit to stop him getting sunburnt during the day and chilled in the evenings.

Hall said: "This time of year is molting time for penguins and the classic way to do things is to grow your new set of feathers under your old set, lose the old set - there's your brand new suit.
"Ralph doesn't bother with the growing the new, he just loses the old and goes bald for a couple of weeks. His feathers will come through, but slowly."

Regarding the manufacture of the costume, he added: "It's quite easy, really. You get someone to donate a second-hand wetsuit, you grab your penguin and you drop it down the leg of your wetsuit.

"You measure where all his things stick out, you cut holes, there you go; penguin wetsuit!"

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